Yu Yu Hakusho Mousepads: Main Character Mousepad
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Yu Yu Hakusho Mousepads: Main Character Mousepad


N0 RGB 400X900X4MM
NO RGB 250X290X2MM
NO RGB 300X600X2MM
NO RGB 300X700X2MM
NO RGB 300X800X2MM
NO RGB 400X800X2MM
NO RGB 400X900X2MM
NO RGB 400X900X3MM
RGB 250X350X3MM
RGB 250X350X4MM
RGB 300X600X3MM
RGB 300X600X4MM
RGB 300X800X3MM
RGB 300X800X4MM
RGB 350X600X3MM
RGB 350X600X4MM
RGB 350X900X3MM
RGB 350X900X4MM
RGB 400X900X3MM
RGB 400X900X4MM
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Please read carefully before buying
Please note: This product is divided into two versions, one is RGB and the other is not
(一)Ordinary mouse pad【feature:
1.100% brand new

2. You can use the mouse pad to decorate the desktop.

3. Beautiful colors are printed on the mouse pad (the mouse pad is a high temperature thermal transfer, and the surface of the mouse pad is cloth and textured, so the clarity and brightness of the mouse pad is not as good as computer graphics.)

4. High quality, made of soft rubber material and smooth fabric

5. Size: (1) Ordinary mouse pad 20x20cm / 25x29cm / 30x60cm / 35x60cm / 30x70cm / 30x80cm / 40x80cm / 40x90cm
(1. Deviation range: 1-3cm
2. Please note that due to the influence of light and screen, a slight color difference is acceptable. )

6. More than 10 pictures are available, if you want to know, please send us a message!

7. The mouse pad will not be printed until the temperature exceeds 200 degrees. The smell of the rubber just received will be slightly larger, and it will not taste for a few days in a cool and ventilated place.

The package includes: 1 * Mouse pad (not including mouse and keyboard) 7. We can customize any picture. You can crop any size mouse pad. You can contact us as needed. If you buy more. Please contact our customer service. Will give you wholesale price.】

( 二 RGB Mousepad【Features:    

1.This is a rgb gaming mouse mat , support 3 led model

*Static mode : Stay in 1 color light , you can change the color between Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green .

*Horse racing LED effect : The LED will run between Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green .

*Breathing LED effect : The LED will breathing between Blue/Pink/Yellow/White/Red/Green .

2.The size of this large gaming mouse pad is :
25X35cm/30X35cm/35X60cm/30X80cm/40X90cm/35X90cm (1. Deviation range: 1-3cm
2. Please note that due to the influence of light and screen, a slight color difference is acceptable. )
3.Non-slip Design on the back:Heavy duty natural rubber base can firmly grip the desktop preventing the mouse and keyboard from sliding or moving while using it.

4.Durable Rubber,Foldable Design:Our mousepad designed with superfine fiber braided material and high elasticity natural rubber,easy to fold without fold marks

5.Separable Cable Design:if you need rgb light,you can plug the micro usb cable to the mousepad,if you don’t need rgb light,you can unplug the cable.(Note:The mousepad need External power supply,you can plug the usb cable to pc or USB charger)

6.The lenght of usb cable is 1.8m.

7.One Button Operation,Simple and Convenient:Easy to use, long press on the key,turn on or off the RGB,
press once to change the LED mode

8.Locking Edge Design:Precise Lockedge,Prevent the edge warp

9.Ultra-smooth Cloth Surface:Optimized for fast moving when maintaining excellent speed
and control during gaming or work.Ensures the easiest mouse
movements and best response times.

10.Washable design do not fade:Waterproof coating can effectively prevent damage from spilled liquid or other accidents.Easy to clean

11.What about the package?

1*Original sovawin color box

1*RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

1*Micro USB Cable

Dear friends, I am honored to visit our store. If you like our products, but want a larger mouse pad or use it for carpet mats, coasters, etc., please contact us directly. Our mouse pad supports custom-made mouse pads of any size, and I wish you a happy life.】

Photo Show,  H71c092592ba840aa9e7082034f8a336f6 - Anime MousepadsHa0accf09a14447e981b3e5f012343b69j - Anime MousepadsHe0f9731ae1f64b77bbbf26894422a9fbD - Anime MousepadsH48c8aebdf7b5411fac9753588e6882681 - Anime MousepadsHdd7288a5b03d40df8cc441617b83033eb - Anime Mousepads   H04ca4728f1c64f4e91ea9518baf2f2f63 - Anime MousepadsHe8e2bd92b53c451e98cc094b397278e9N - Anime MousepadsH9fec7cc99a964455b89754e4dda392030 - Anime MousepadsHf540e08edb7a4b51b5e9fe224322ea761 - Anime MousepadsH60c3f86c39ba4e50919f02ae3e91b7ccR - Anime MousepadsH61918a14e28342c3a5506d85d93924edg - Anime MousepadsHed638ebada664273850c769a8363cdba5 - Anime MousepadsH36af650f13df4f65b1477b3ef65b4224u - Anime MousepadsHf7a35c9b44d24becb6537adc7fa613ffb - Anime MousepadsHb081b726378c41698adf7c5cfb4ddf65g - Anime MousepadsH83f8e3e6e5bf46988e06ce9e80bdf9eee - Anime MousepadsHa71ad93d77664263a6b3247c13c91afac - Anime MousepadsH4d6a43e8c08a4c62b093979a47a064712 - Anime MousepadsHa9da8e0be67846e2b524e263bd968d44a - Anime MousepadsH6451853d331d48919a73e7677af0458cq - Anime MousepadsH8161e0e1ebc541e5af5549426afa21e0Q - Anime Mousepads

Q1:How long does it take to customize an RGB mouse pad?

A1:Custom takes about 2-3 days.

Q2:How long can I send to our country?

A2:The average country needs 15-37 days. In remote countries such as Africa, South America, Oceania may take longer. We will use the fast and quality transportation method to help you ship.

Q3:What size and resolution do you need to customize your image?

A3:For example, you need to customize a 40X90CM mouse pad, I need you to send a 41X91CM picture, the picture should exceed the mouse pad 1CM, so that your picture will not be deformed, the resolution requires more than 1000 pixels, of course, bigger Resolution will make printing clearer.

Q4:Will the picture have a color difference?

A4:Because of the principle of picture output, and the reason of the light of the display, the mouse pad will definitely be worse than the original picture. This is normal. If you can’t accept it completely, please don’t buy it.

Dear friends, I am honored to visit our store. If you like our products, but want a larger mouse pad or use it for carpet pads, coasters, etc. please contact us directly. Our mouse pad supports custom mouse pads of any size, I wish you a happy life.

Additional information


N0 RGB 400X900X4MM, NO RGB 250X290X2MM, NO RGB 300X600X2MM, NO RGB 300X700X2MM, NO RGB 300X800X2MM, NO RGB 400X800X2MM, NO RGB 400X900X2MM, NO RGB 400X900X3MM, RGB 250X350X3MM, RGB 250X350X4MM, RGB 300X600X3MM, RGB 300X600X4MM, RGB 300X800X3MM, RGB 300X800X4MM, RGB 350X600X3MM, RGB 350X600X4MM, RGB 350X900X3MM, RGB 350X900X4MM, RGB 400X900X3MM, RGB 400X900X4MM


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